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People and figures

36 people of foreign nationality. 16 different nationalities.
Across the different levels of the hierarchy in our institute, women hold 9 out of 31 leadership positions (or 29%).
In 2020, 30% of the institute's staff are women (=49 persons). 70% (=112 persons) are male.
The proportion of scientists has increased, while the support staff has proportionally decreased.
The aim is to achieve a better balance and an inclusive practice of science in all its richness.
The share of contractual employees among scientists is much higher than in support services.
The highest percentage of women in level D. In the higher levels the percentages of women vary between 25 and 31%.
At the end of 2018, a total of 34 non-Belgians (21% of the staff) worked at the Institute. This brings us to a total of 20 different nationalities (including Belgian) stretching over 3 continents.
The overall male-female ratio was 70% men compared to 30% women.
More than 80% of the personnel has a Master’s degree or Master of Science degree.
Staff members younger than 40 mostly have a contractual position, while older staff members are more often statutory.
Only 25% of the female employees are statutory, as opposed to 38% of the male employees.
BIRA-IASB's scientific activities strongly rely on the support of services such as engineering, IT, communication, administration and infrastructure.
For every three staff members, two are contractual.