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Educational ressources (tools, material for teachers)

Space-aeronomy topics in secundary schools, in STEAM classes, …

Space Weather

Meteors, fireballs

Space missions

  • Course material “Orbits & Radiation”

    An online tool that allows you to estimate the expected radiation dose at any height in space. In this course, we show how to use the tool in class to determine the radiation dose on an imaginary space journey. We will then look at how dangerous these doses are....

  • Mars in a box: physics and chemistry experiments

    An educational project aiming to introduce secondary school students to fundamental science through cutting-edge research on Mars. It is a box full of materials for basic physics and chemistry experiments, as well as complementary material about the red planet.

  • Balloons for Science: student experiments in near-space

    Each year, students from any country – between 15 and 19 years old – send their self invented and selfmade experiment into “space” with a stratospheric balloon. Participating is very similar to a real science mission in space, performed by a team during one school year.

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